Three Books For Goalkeepers

Three Books For Goalkeepers




No one can argue against the fact that goalkeeping is an incredibly cerebral position. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many top goalkeepers, and former goalkeepers are big readers. If you too are a goalkeeper who enjoys a good book, or maybe you want to get into reading, (it’s a great recovery day activity!) the following are some great recommendations that might also help you on the pitch. 


 1. The Mindful Athlete - George Mumford

This book is my number one recommendation for all athletes regardless of sport. George Mumford the author is a former athlete and current “Mindfulness performance coach” who has worked with some of the best athletes in the world. In this masterpiece he teaches the reader how incorporating mindfulness practice alongside athletics can lead to superior performance on the pitch and a more fulfilling life off it. 10/10 would recommend it to everyone. 

2. Graduation: Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer - Richard Lee

In this book, former goalkeeper Richard Lee takes the readers on a journey through his first season with Brentford in League 1 after moving from the Championship with Watford. Richard gives all the ups and the downs associated with goalkeeping and talks candidly about how he dealt with challenges faced throughout that season from bad performances to injuries. As a personal note, I make an effort to revert back to this book at least once a year so that some of the key points stay fresh in my mind. 



3. Keeper - Mal Peet

One of my all time favorite books growing up (gave Harry Potter a run for its money). This fictional story is just a fun read and follows a young boy’s journey learning to play football and the goalkeeper position while living in the jungle. I’ve read this probably double digit times and it still is one of my favorites. A great summer read for any young (or old) keepers out there. 

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