What Do Pro Goalkeepers Look For In Their Gloves?

What Do Pro Goalkeepers Look For In Their Gloves?


with Robert Montanaro of Ostavalls IF (Sweden)


Top quality latex - The number one thing I look for in a glove as a professional goalkeeper. The latex is such an important component to the glove because ultimately, it is the latex that is making contact with the ball. Where I think a lot of people are mistaken is that they think the latex makes a huge difference when it comes to making saves, when in reality it plays much more of a role when dealing with crosses and high balls that you absolutely must catch than it does in dealing with shots (although it definitely gives you some extra confidence when dealing with shots).

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Fit - This is very much personal preference but I need a glove to feel good when I’m wearing it. Everyone is going to be a little bit different when it comes to specifically what they’re looking for but for me I like the glove to be snug but a little on the tighter side (not too tight though) and a big thing that SETGK does which I think is incredible, is the silicone on the inside of the fingers which really locks the hand in place and gives it a great fit. Personally speaking my favorite two pairs in terms of fit / feel are the Blue Venoms and the Vadrs.


Look - I’d be lying if I said this was not a factor… I guess I subscribe to the old adage “Look good, Feel good, Play good” because I definitely want my gloves to look good. I’m not a fan of super flashy crazy colored gloves, for one because I like my gloves to go with my kit and boots (we’re not playing in the 80’s anymore, most pro kits are solid colored) and for two I want to look and feel clean and sharp when I play so I want a glove that looks the same, don’t mind a bit of color (love the blue venoms) but I want it to look sharp. 

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No Gimmicks - Figured I’d end with this. Pretty self explanatory but any sort of gimmick on a glove I’m not a fan of. Finger saves are a pretty big “No-no” in my book, although for medical reasons I understand why some people wear them, I’d much rather just use tape if possible though as it gives a better feel on the ball. Another would be super elaborate punch zones or wrist straps (or lack thereof).. maybe I’m a purist but I just don’t really see the need.

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